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No five day weather forecasts…no GPS..no electric saws…no electricity….

What was known to this group of kindred spirits was that colonization of the Americas was underway. Far, Faraway. Across an OCEAN.

Thus, the Pilgrims made the decision to leave England, so that they would be free to practice their faith without persecution.

Faith was (and still is) heavily intertwined with the ecology of a society. Medicine. Education. Commerce. Science. These were certainly motives to embark upon this mission – to traverse the Atlantic…

And so they did…they constructed their ships using the tools they had available. No CAD files, no 18-wheelers to haul lumber…yet, no pressure.

And they built the ships. And they took their fellowship of their like-minded friends, family, blood, soil….and they crossed the volatile waters. And they arrived on the shores of New England.

And they were met with RESISTANCE. And they fought off the natives. They cleared the way through the woods for buildings to be built and trails to be travelled upon. They implemented their SOCIETY. This was the world’s first stage.

They built it. And therefore they claim it as theirs. The rights, priviledges – and obligations – that come with OWNERSHIP of this New World…they earned CONTROL through the inevitable NATURAL ORDER of things….

Now …I must ask…. especially to those that view the white, cis gendered, heterosexual Protestant male as your sworn enemy… imagine that this was infact you and yours that BUILT IT…pray tell… what would ever be gained if you were to RELINQUISH CONTROL?


The billionaire class knows the people have started to figure out they’ve been literally robbed by a whole new generation of oligarchs who have risen to power through banking cartels backed by oil as a commodity for currency.

The dollar moved away from the gold standard, but it wasn’t replaced with thin air as some anarcho-capitalists believe. It was replaced by the petro dollar.

Clean, renewable, affordable energy and automation of industry requires the dissolution of the ultra wealthy.

Money based on resource commodity has given billionaires a power equal to their monarchical predecessors and they want to continue their rule in a global oligarchy of feudal police states, operating their control through class conflict fueled by resource wars they proliferate and finance through the very same banks they own through investment in resource plundering the third world.


This is a fine documentary. Opened my eyes on a multitude of issues facing Europe. Organizations such as Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  This charitable foundation orchestrates aid missions that are perverted with Cultural Marxism. They intend to soften the ground (and hearts) of the European people – riddling them with guilt-induced self hate and remorse for the actions of their ancestors long ago.

Watch “How the Syrian Crisis is REALLY about Oil and Europe | REAL MATTERS” on YouTube

Syria itself is not a major energy producer in the region, however its importance lies as a potential transit hub from energy suppliers like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq towards the thirsty energy markets of Europe. Notably proposed pipelines of major energy projects would pass through Syria , into Turkey and then enter the European grid. With the onset of the Civil war in Syria, the proposed pipeline projects have all been put on hold and their future is unclear. The most important aspect of this, is Europe’s need for energy diversity.

Europe and Russia

The EU’s energy thirst is estimated to be the second largest in the world after the United States. Notably, some 70- 80% of its energy requirements are satisfied by Russian gas and oil, piped in mostly through Ukraine. Disputes between Ukraine and Russia over energy first publicly surfaced in 2002 and culminated in 2009 when Russia cut supplies to Ukraine for short period of time, setting off panic in European capitals. This made the issue of Europe’s energy reliance on Russia more pressing. The subsequent Civil war in Ukraine is also deeply linked to this relationship. But this will be examined in a later video so please Subscribe with the button below if you want to hear more about that. European leaders came to the understanding that Europe needed a more diverse energy environment. Backed by the United States they sought to bring energy supplies, mainly from the energy rich Middle East into Europe. Syria’s position as a important transit route elevated the need for an agreement with the Syrian government that would bring supplies from the energy rich Gulf and Saudi Arabia into Europe, bypassing Russia .

The Syrian Pipelines 

A Pipeline was proposed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar ,backed by the United States , which would use Syria as a transit route. The Pipelines would Saudi- Qatar pipeline would pass through JoRdan – Syria and Turkey before entering Europe. The Syrian Government rejected the proposal. Syria’s rationale for the rejection the Saudi-Qatari pipeline proposal was said to be “to protect the interests of [its] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.”

A competing Pipelines was also proposed dubbed The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline . A natural gas pipeline running from Iran towards Europe via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to supply European customers as well as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The pipelines ran into numerous problems mostly from US pressure and its Swiss backers have since stopped its financing.

The earliest proposed Pipeline intended to bypass Russia was the Nabucco Pipeline. Which aims to bring Caucasus and Iraqi oil through Turkey, the balkans and ending in Austria. This project is also supported by a number of EU member states and the United States. The project was later scrapped in favour of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline , which has now been almost completed and will start by bringing BP’s Azerbaijani Energy through Turkey – Greece- Albanian into Italy. The project is aimed to start supplying oil and gas by 2018 and the pipeline itself is in the final stages of competition. Once ready, this will be the first major means of energy diversification in Europe.