The billionaire class knows the people have started to figure out they’ve been literally robbed by a whole new generation of oligarchs who have risen to power through banking cartels backed by oil as a commodity for currency.

The dollar moved away from the gold standard, but it wasn’t replaced with thin air as some anarcho-capitalists believe. It was replaced by the petro dollar.

Clean, renewable, affordable energy and automation of industry requires the dissolution of the ultra wealthy.

Money based on resource commodity has given billionaires a power equal to their monarchical predecessors and they want to continue their rule in a global oligarchy of feudal police states, operating their control through class conflict fueled by resource wars they proliferate and finance through the very same banks they own through investment in resource plundering the third world.


Guess what? Apple is rolling out a new wave of products you are going to love. First is iSoap, an off-white ivory colored oval bar of soap. The neat part is the indentation of the Apple logo right in the middle of the bar. It’s only going to cost $7.99 per bar. Next we have iShit. A splendid Granny Smith tasting Apple logo shaped gummy, which is a powerful laxative to relieve you of your constipation from all of that Taco Bell/Wendy’s/McDonald’s you pound down whilst seated in your vehicle you barely can afford in a rush to get back to work. Take a Steve Jobs inspired shit for only $11.99. How’s your sex life? Is your wife cucking you because you can barely maintain a quasi-erection? The solution is iFuck. By Apple. It’s Viagra inspired amphetamine. No prescription necessary. It’s a nifty little Apple logo shaped pill to take an hour before sex. Or before you jack off profusely to Redtube if you’re a cucky beta male type that still collects comic books and play video games at the prime age of 35. iFuck is Bluetooth enabled – so if worse comes to worse, Siri will be there for you. iFuck is only $129.99 per pill. But its cool because WiFi.

iPhones and Androids are great but does anyone notice the great disconnect when you’re disconnected from a mobile carrier because you’ve exceeded your data limit and now relegated to using WiFi networks – you need WhatsApp to say What’s Up, and have to skip Skype even though it’s owned by Microsoft which owns part of Facebook but you can’t FaceTime thru Facebook because FaceTime is not available on Android.

And Google? It’s out of control. Duo, Allo, Hangouts, Google Voice – make up your fucking mind Google. ALL I AM TRYING TO DO IS GET IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE. Instagram? Sounds like a cocaine vending machine. Snapchat? That’s a doowop song from 1954. Tumblr? The intended misspelling says it all. What the FUCK was Yahoo thinking when they bought that? Yahoo! Who bought them? Verizon? Xfinity? Circa 1985 an answering machine was fancy. People picked up the phone and called when they had something to say. Something to ask, discuss, express. Or just to say “hey I’ve been thinking about you – Mom and Dad – I love you”. All of these juxtaposed, discombobulated, amalgamation of apps – all they do is give people time to gauge a response. No one can answer a question on the spot anymore. Follow me on Twitter!!! (But if you follow me in real life not only will I file a restraining order I will make sure a congressional hearing is brought against you).

You’ve been reading this far (probably not – Kim Kardashian just ordered Versace dental floss and it’s time to get on Amazon and order your own roll)…maybe you are still with me. I have 310 Facebook friends. Truth be told – I’ve never met half of you. Who are you? This post should shed some light on who I am simultaneously shedding the dead weight in my Wall/News Feed/Blood Pressure – whatever mySpace, I mean Facebook, calls this thing these days. That is, you will unfriend me and I will feel so so alone. I will miss seeing pictures of your new cars. The meal you just ate. Your humble brags. Your predictable venting, grunting and so on. Have any Facebook users realize the privacy they have sacrificed by incessantly posting every breathe, every drink, every cocaine heartbeat since Bush was president on here? Nawww privacy is a thing of the past. It’s all about being OPEN. And sharing. SHARE/FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/AND LIKE!!!